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  • How much do Instagram bloggers earn?

    Instagram and bloggers cannot exist without each other. This platform, which belongs to Meta or the former Facebook, has become the main place to start a blogging business. Also, as in the past, a person does not need to have millions of followers to earn money, but with a few thousand initial followers, you can get a relatively good income. But there is no exact system to determine how much Instagram bloggers earn because this platform has not yet built a fixed payment system like YouTube.

    Influencers usually rely on sponsored posts to make money. From posts with the #AD hashtag to swipe-up stories, bloggers’ advertising content has different forms and shapes. In this article, I have explained to you relatively how much is the income of Instagram bloggers? Also, please note that this article is written from a global perspective and therefore the prices are in dollars.

    Who is the blogger?
    Who is the blogger?

    Before we understand the income of Instagram bloggers, it is better to get acquainted with the concept of the word blogger or influencer. In general, a blogger is someone who encourages people to buy a series of products by influencing people and influencing their decisions. Thanks to social networks such as Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube, blogging has become one of the most popular jobs these days.

    It is enough to be a blogger with high followers, so that your monthly salary is more than the annual salary of a normal employee. Also, since many people spend a lot of time on Instagram today, the income of Instagram bloggers should improve a lot because they have a great impact on the buying habits of their audience.

    What criteria does the income of Instagram bloggers depend on?
    Income measure of Instagram bloggers

    For example, influencers with more than a million followers get up to $1,000 per post from their sponsors, while micro-influencers with less than a hundred thousand followers get $100 or more for each promotional story.

    In general, a micro-influencer who has between 10 and 50 thousand followers can earn between 40 and 100 thousand dollars annually. Bloggers with millions of followers can also earn millions of dollars annually just like their number of followers. For example, Kylie Jenner receives about one million dollars for each Instagram post.

    Some other bloggers determine the cost according to the interaction rate of their page. For example, someone may receive a hundred dollars from the relevant brand for every ten thousand followers. But not all work with the same formula. Brands should sign contracts with bloggers according to the post upload time, the blogger’s field of activity, the engagement level of their page, etc.

    Of course, if the blogger’s negotiation skills are good, the end result is great. For example, a blogger with 275,000 followers in a six-month period was able to get $700,000 in advertising in six months. There have even been micro-influencers who have managed to earn millions in just one year despite having few followers.

    Of course, advertising and sponsored posts are not the only way bloggers earn, although they are the most productive.

    How do Instagram bloggers earn?
    In addition to advertising posts, bloggers make money by introducing people to marketing links (for example, introducing discount links for a product), selling merchandise, and creating original content. Which I have explained below.

    Become a brand ambassador
    Another way to make money from Instagram as a blogger is to act as a brand ambassador. The difference between an ambassador and a normal brand promotion is that the blogger must have a long-term contract with the brand and promote it over a long period of time. Also, the brand can use him in creating the content of its own page. Usually, this return takes between 6 and 12 months.

    Introduction marketing
    When a blogger introduces a link to buy a product to his followers, he takes a part of the sale of that product. Therefore, this method is one of the most popular ways to earn money among bloggers.

    For example, a fashion blogger in a post introducing his style and a link to buy clothes for his audience. Every follower who buys the clothes has actually contributed to the blogger’s income. Of course, depending on the sale of the item, the percentage given to the blogger from the introduction marketing can be very low, but if the number of followers of the blogger is high, this percentage will increase immediately.

    Digital products and online classes
    Many bloggers sell their own e-books and classes depending on their niche. For example, a travel blogger can create a few-hour class on how to travel on a budget and sell it to his audience. Selling online classes adds to bloggers’ income every month.

    Donations and tips
    Some bloggers ask their followers to donate money directly to them if they like their content. They also claim that a higher percentage of this money goes into creating better content. Of course, this work is usually not forced and followers donate money if they want to.

    Resale of clothes
    These days it is not uncommon for bloggers to resell clothes that they have already advertised. In addition, these people usually buy more clothes than they need because they want to show them to their followers. That’s why many bloggers sell their new or less used clothes at a lower price. This solution is especially popular among fashion bloggers.

    Selling merchandise
    Merchandise are actually products that are the blogger’s own brand. For example, the blogger’s logo, photo or words are printed on a series of wearable products and mugs and are sold.

    Sometimes bloggers collaborate with other brands and sell their joint products. For example, a beauty blogger may collaborate with a cosmetics brand and create a new product. Naturally, a percentage of the sale of this product is allocated to the blogger.

    How much is the income of the most famous Instagram bloggers?
    The income of famous Iranian bloggers

    In the following, I have collected for you the income of bloggers or famous Insta influencers per post. Of course, most of the people on this list are celebrities whose blogging is not their main job, yet they earn the most from this platform. The reason for this is their high number of followers. Note that when you read this article, the number of followers of these people may have increased, and as a result, their Instagram income has also increased.

    Cristiano Ronaldo: $1,604,000 per post with 438 million followers.
    Dwayne Johnson: $1,523,000 per post with 314 million followers.
    Ariana Grande: $1,510,000 per post with 309 million followers.
    Kylie Jenner: $1,494,000 per post with 335 million followers.
    Selena Gomez: $1,468,000 per post with 317 million followers.
    Kim Kardashian: $1,419,000 per post with 308 million followers.

    How much is the income of the most famous Iranian Instagram bloggers?
    The income of famous Iranian bloggers

    The income of famous Iranian bloggers, like anywhere else in the world, depends on their field of activity and the number of followers. Also, older bloggers usually charge more for advertising. Story and post advertising rates are different as you will see below because the story is deleted after 24 but the post is permanent. Keep in mind that while reading this article, the income or number of followers of these bloggers may have increased.

    Bloggers who work in the field of humor:
    These bloggers usually produce videos with humorous content, and some of them call themselves Weiner. There is a large audience of humorists on Instagram, and that’s why their content is seen quickly. These bloggers usually have several million followers and can advertise in almost any field. Most of the contents of these pages are humorous short videos. In the following, we have brought you a number of famous bloggers in this field with the number of their followers:
    Mohammad Amin Karimpour: With 4.6 million followers, he receives between 4 and 5 million Tomans for each story and 20 million Tomans for each advertising post. His monthly income is estimated to be more than 150 million tomans.

    Milad Ghasemkhah: With 6 million followers, he receives between 4 and 5 million tomans for each story. His monthly income is more than 150 million tomans.

    Irfan Alirezaei: With 4.2 million followers, he received 4 to 6 million tomans for each story and his income is estimated to be more than 180 million per month. He also has a second page with 287 thousand followers, for which he receives about 2 million tomans for advertising stories. The income of this page is about 50 million tomans.

    Javad Khajawi: With 3.7 million followers, he receives 5 to 10 million for advertising posts. His monthly income from this page is estimated at 300 million. He usually produces funny voiced videos and also uploads posts about his acting activities.

    Serena Amini: She has 8.6 million followers and receives 6 million Tomans for each advertising post. His income from this page is estimated to be around 200 million.

    Pourmeshki: With 4.3 million followers, he receives between 9 and 21 million per post, and Pourmeshki’s monthly income is estimated at 350 million.

    Mojtaba Shafii: He has 2.2 million followers and receives 5 to 6 million for each advertising post. Mr. Shafii’s monthly income from this page is estimated to be more than 180 million.

    Mustafa Azad: He has 2.1 million followers and receives about 4 to 5 million for each advertising post. Mr. Azad’s monthly income from this page is about 150 million.

    Mohsen Izi: Mohsen Izi has 3.7 million followers on Instagram and receives 5 to 6 million for each promotional post. His monthly income is 180 million tomans.

    kamyar696: Kamyar has 5.1 million followers on Instagram and earns about 4-5 million for promotional posts. His income is 150 million tomans.

    Hassan Amiri: With 1.1 million followers, he receives about 4 to 5 million per post. His monthly income is estimated at 150 million Tomans.

    farsi_friends: This page has 922 thousand followers and receives 2 million tomans for advertising posts. The income of this page is about 60 million tomans. On this page, in addition to funny videos, you can see a short Instagram series.

    Makeup bloggers:
    Beauty bloggers are also called beauty bloggers. They work in the field of makeup training and introduction of beauty products. It can be said that makeup bloggers get paid the most from their advertisements. In the following, we have mentioned the income of some famous beauty bloggers:

    Shell Beauty: With 2.2 million followers, Sadaf receives about 35 million tomans for each advertising post. His monthly income from his Instagram page is estimated at 1 billion. The main activity of this blogger is teaching professional makeup and introducing and testing world-famous cosmetics.

    Giso Diba: This page with 1 million followers

    Tourism bloggers:
    The page content of these bloggers is traveling to different parts of Iran and the world and introducing tourist attractions. Instagram income of some of them are:

    Orange Rhino: This page has 215 thousand followers and receives up to two million Tomans for each story. Advertising posts are between 2 and 3 million tomans. The monthly income of this page is estimated at 400 million Tomans. On this page, you can follow the whole world with a lovely couple.

    Mahia Rahimi: Mahia Rahimi has 1 million followers and receives 3 to 9 million Tomans for a story and 14 to 17 million Tomans for a post. The monthly income of this page is 400 million tomans. Mahia Rahimi’s page is actually a Gilan tourism page and shares the tourist attractions, culture and delicious foods of Gilan.

    Rahela: She has 106 thousand followers and receives up to 3 million Tomans for each story and advertising post. Page’s monthly income is 100 million tomans. Rahela travels to lesser-known places and produces content.

    trip.and.joy: Two people manage this page and receive 12 million Tomans for each advertising post. These two people travel all over the world and produce content. The monthly income of this page is estimated at 360 million tomans.

    Lifestyle blogger:
    These bloggers produce content about their daily life and what they do during the week. The income of the most famous lifestyle bloggers is as follows:

    Aria Keuxer: Aria Keuxer is a professional streamer and gamer who is mostly active on YouTube. With 1 million followers, he receives about 15 to 30 million per advertising post. His monthly income from this page is estimated at 450 million.

    Babak Naharin: Babak Naharin is a singer, comedian and humorist actor who works in theater. He shares some of his comedy and behind-the-scenes activities on his Instagram page. With 1.2 million followers, he receives up to 30 million per post. His monthly income is estimated to be around 250 million Tomans.

    Is blogging income halal?
    According to Sharia ruling, blogging income or internet income in general is halal and has no Sharia problem. Of course, blogging activity should not include advertisements that promote corruption and spread lies. Also, as a blogger, you should not receive money directly from your audience for the content you produce. All the content of your page should be free and available to everyone, and earn money from other ways such as advertising. In general, Instagram ads should be free of any kind of haram and negation.

    How to find an affordable and suitable blogger?
    Find a blogger to advertise on Instagram

    As you saw above, the high income of bloggers has made many brands unable to go for this advertising method. That’s why it’s important to be sure of your budget before negotiating with bloggers. Then you should write down your expectations from a blogger so that you can find the right person. For example, do you want to have more sales or increase the engagement rate of your page or maybe both?

    There are many sites that find influencers with a similar field of activity by entering your field of activity, although these tools are mostly used for foreign bloggers. For the Persian audience, it is better to see what bloggers your target audience usually follows or what bloggers your competitors have collaborated with.

    To make sure you get the desired result from working with the relevant influencer, look at their previous advertising campaigns and calculate how much the rate of return on investment was for the brand they advertised. For example, if you have invested 1000 dollars, you should expect at least 7000 dollars return. Also, if you are still a beginner and have a limited budget, it is better to go to macro influencers. In addition to their lower salary, it is easier to work with them.

    Income of Instagram bloggers in a nutshell
    In this section, in a general summary, I have collected for you the cost of regular bloggers who are not like big celebrities, according to the number of their followers, but remember that the number of followers is not the only criterion for determining the income of bloggers.

    Many people think they can quit their jobs today and start blogging. But it is almost impossible to make money from this platform until the number of followers reaches a certain number.
    Instagram bloggers with less than 10,000 followers can earn an average of $88.00 per post and 100,000 Tomans in Iran. With less than 100 thousand followers, you can earn up to 200.00 dollars and 200 thousand tomans per post. Of course, this amount varies from person to person, and usually in this number of followers, bloggers receive more free goods than money.
    Accounts with 250,000 to 500,000 followers can earn thousands of dollars in any format they want, be it posts or stories. When someone has a million followers, it can be said that blogging becomes his main job and source of income.
    Do famous Instagram bloggers use fake followers?
    Unfortunately, the number of page followers on Instagram is one of the important criteria for the validity of pages and people. For this reason, many Instagram bloggers have to have more followers so that their income is correspondingly higher. If we think that successful bloggers do not have fake followers on Instagram, it is a mistake because all famous pages have a number of fake followers and this is completely normal.


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